Clients may be referred to the SCS from a regularly scheduled consulting appointment. The SCS accepts projects from clients or researchers. To obtain statistical consulting from the SCS, please fill out the application form below.


Project Scope

The majority of projects taken on by the SCS are what we call short-term consultations. As the name suggests, such projects are intended to be fairly focused, with a total duration of no more than 15 student hours worth of work. An initial intake meeting will be held in the SCS consulting room in the Philip E. Austin Building and additional meetings, as needed, will be arranged at the mutual convenience of the client and the consultants.


At any time during this process if both parties mutually agree that the current agreement is suboptimal in addressing the client needs, we leave open the possibility of holding additional discussions to alter the above proposal. Consultations anticipated to require substantially more than roughly 15 hours of work may be recommended for collaborative consulting. Evaluation of such recommendations typically will include a discussion of co-authorship on resulting end-products. At the same time, payment for services will be expected as per our hourly rates.


Submitting data

Although our consultants can help with correctly formatting data, we highly recommend that clients attempt to have their data appropriately formatted prior to submission to our service. More information about formatting data and using OpenRefine to clean up data. Examples of wide and long data formats (we recommend one of these be used for submission).


Policies on Acknowledgement of Statistical Consulting and Collaboration

For projects which lead to presentations, projects, or publications it is expected that appropriate authorship will be discussed for those statisticians substantively involved. When the scope of the work is limited to less than 15 hours, but nevertheless is used in a presentation, project, or publication, we would appreciate an appropriate citation or acknowledgment. For example, clients may include "We acknowledge the help of [NAME] of UConn's Statistical Consulting Services under the guidance of Dr [NAME]” as a footnote accompanying grant support and related projects."1 If you have any questions regarding our acknowledgement policy, please contact Timothy Moore at


1 This policy is intended to allow clients maximum flexibility in seeking out and benefiting from our statistical consulting work while, at the same time, promoting best practice regarding academic intellectual property. For more information, we direct clients to the American Statistical Association’s guide to working with a statistical consultant (ASA_brochure).



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