The SCS tries to offer a number of workshops each year, with some workshops offered every semester. Let us know if you have a suggestion of a workshop that you would like to see offered at UConn!

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Workshops on Basic Statistical Methods and Their Interpretations

Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization in R

The Power Analysis

A Math-Free Workshop for Power Calculation

Multiplicity Adjustment

Modern Statistical Methods for Testing Multiple Hypotheses


Workshops on the Design of Experiments

Power Analysis for ANOVA and Repeated Measures ANOVA

Incorporating Statistics into Research Grants


Workshops on Specialized Statistical Methods

A Practical Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling in R

Applied Survey Data Analysis

Missing Data in Surveys

Analysis of Patient-Reported Outcomes


Workshops on Multivariate Analyses and Dimension Reduction

An Overview of Repeated Measure Analysis

A Practical Introduction to Variable Selection in R

Variable Selection with Demos in R

Model Selection and Dimension Reduction


Workshops on Data Management, Manipulation, and Visualization

Data Visualizations with R Shiny

Perfect the Imperfect Data – How to Deal with Missing Data in Practice

Analysis of Missing Data


  • SCS Consulting – August 28, 2020
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